World Stroke Organization (WSO)

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    The mission of the World Stroke Organization (WSO) is to provide access to stroke care and to promote research and teaching in this area that will improve the care of stroke victims throughout the world by:

    • Promoting prevention and care of persons with stroke and vascular dementia
    • Fostering the best standards of practice
    • Educating, in collaboration with other international, public, and private organizations
    • Facilitating clinical research

    The WSO will work to increase visibility and credibility of its activities among stroke clinicians, researchers, other health professionals, international professional and lay organizations, and the general public. This will be accomplished through publications, surveys, campaigns, a website and cooperation with other medical and lay organizations.


    On the 29th of October 2006 at the World Stroke Congress in Cape Town, the International Stroke Society and the World Stroke Federation (WSF), the two lead organizations representing stroke globally, merged to form the new body World Stroke Organization.

    After considerable discussion, both boards agreed that there was a need to have stroke represented with a single voice. It was also appreciated by all that there needed to be a broadbased representation from professional individuals as well as professional and stroke support organizations.

    The International Stroke Society was established in 1989. The ISS, which was initially mainly formed by individual members, opened its association to professional societies. The World Stroke Federation was formed in June 2004. It was formed from professional and stroke support organizations.


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