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    The Viessmann European Research Centre is devoted to fostering and disseminating research about Europe. The academics and other scholars affiliated with the Centre share an interest in the broad lessons learned from the movement towards a more highly integrated and unified Europe, economically and politically.

    Europe is, in many respects, a laboratory for the study of cooperation and integration among diverse states that draws inspiration from the ravages of two World Wars. Those interested in European affairs also believe that there are lessons, both good and bad, from the creation of a common currency and a single market.

    Yet, Europe remains diverse and member states of the European Union retain a considerable amount of sovereignty which is reflected in policies governing all areas of life in Europe.

    Scholars interested in the affairs of other regions of the world may also draw some inspiration, and concern, over developments in Europe during the last few decades. The recent fiscal and debt crises that continue to afflict Europe represent another area of interest to a wide variety of scholars. The Centre welcomes anyone who shares in these interests.


    The research conducted at the Centre consists of the following activities:

    Some of the Centre’s early research appeared in the form of discussion papers. These were initially called Viessmann-Laurier Papers on Modern Europe. Since dicussion papers are nowadays widely disseminated from a large variety of sources, the discussion paper series was terminated. Instead, drafts of conference/workshop papers will be posted.

    The Centre holds regular conferences and workshops at WLU or partner institution each year, including an Annual Conference. The theme of each Annual Conference will vary year to year.

    It is also expected that senior undergraduate and graduatementoring, in the form of projects/thesis/dissertation research, will be a highly desirable by-product of the Centre’s activities.

    The Centre plans to publish, on an occasional basis a Europolicy Brief. Researchers affiliated with the Centre, or outside experts, will be invited to write a short piece that deals with a policy issue of concern to an audience interested in European affairs. It is expected that broader lessons drawn from the experience of other countries, or regions of the world, will also be incorporated. The Brief is intended to be accessible to a wider audience than simply the academic community.

    It is expected that research supported by the Centre would be published, normally, in refereed journals, edited books, and other forms of peer-reviewed research. Articles for the popular press will also be encouraged.


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