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    Wagenin­gen UR is a col­lab­o­ra­tion between Wagenin­gen Uni­ver­sity and the DLO foundation.

    ‘To explore the poten­tial of nature to improve the qual­ity of life’

    That is the mis­sion of Wagenin­gen UR (Uni­ver­sity & Research cen­tre). A staff of 6,500 and 10,000 stu­dents from over 100 coun­tries work every­where around the world in the domain of healthy food and liv­ing envi­ron­ment for gov­ern­ments and the busi­ness community-​at-​large.

    The strength of Wagenin­gen UR lies in its abil­ity to join the forces of spe­cialised research insti­tutes and Wagenin­gen Uni­ver­sity. It also lies in the com­bined efforts of the var­i­ous fields of nat­ural and social sci­ences. This union of exper­tise leads to sci­en­tific break­throughs that can quickly be put into prac­tice and be incor­po­rated into edu­ca­tion. This is the Wagenin­gen Approach.

    The sci­en­tific qual­ity of Wagenin­gen UR is affirmed by the promi­nent posi­tion we occupy in inter­na­tional rank­ings and cita­tion indexes.

    The domain of Wagenin­gen UR con­sists of three related core areas

    • Food and food production
    • Liv­ing environment
    • Health, lifestyle and livelihood

    Wagenin­gen UR has branches all over The Nether­lands and abroad. A large num­ber of lec­tur­ers, researchers and other employ­ees are based at Wagenin­gen Cam­pus.

    Career at Wagenin­gen UR

    At Wagenin­gen UR, you work daily at improv­ing the qual­ity of life. That is our mis­sion and that is what we stand for. Together with your col­leagues, you seek to answer the com­mon chal­lenges faced by soci­ety within our domain ‘healthy food and liv­ing environment.’

    Endur­ing relationships

    Our involve­ment and con­tri­bu­tion to these themes is evi­dent from the many mul­ti­ple, endur­ing rela­tion­ships that we have with the busi­ness com­mu­nity, non-​profit organ­i­sa­tions and other research insti­tutes world­wide in this area.

    Con­tri­bu­tion to the qual­ity of life

    As an employee at Wagenin­gen UR, you will develop knowl­edge that is at the ser­vice of mankind and society-​at-​large. Our research moves in the fields of var­i­ous nat­ural and social sci­ences dis­ci­plines. Top­i­cal themes include i.e. safe and healthy food, lifestyle and liv­ing con­di­tions, cli­mate change, nature and bio­di­ver­sity, sus­tain­able fish­ery and agri­cul­tural sys­tems and the search for alter­na­tive sources of energy.

    Inter­na­tion­ally leading

    As an employee at Wagenin­gen UR, you work together with peo­ple from over 80 coun­tries. We enjoy an excel­lent rep­u­ta­tion inter­na­tion­ally when it comes to con­duct­ing research and pro­vid­ing education.

    Excel­lent facilities

    At present we are the most impor­tant Euro­pean Uni­ver­sity in the Life Sci­ences. In a recent sur­vey new inter­na­tional staff praised our excel­lent research facil­i­ties, along with the high research standards.


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