Vineyard Data Quantification Society (VDQS)

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    Founded in 1991, VDQS, Association Loi 1901 aims to&ellips;

    Promote the exchange of research in theoretical and applied oenometric

    Each year, VDQS organise conferences with special and pertinent issues. VDQS publish scientific books and a regular revue corresponding to a selection of the best contribution exposed during the conference list of the books.

    Promote relationships between its members

    Conferences, round tables...are organised by VDQS with scienfics highly interested by oenometrics.

    Establish contacts with individuals and groups who have similar interests

    VDQS represents Economists and Econometricians...

    Encourage teaching and research

    The General Assembly of VDQS decided in 1992 to award an Oenometrics Prize at each international conference to honour the best contributions to Oenometrics. The prize consists of 100 bottles of Amarone de la Valpolicelle "Domini Veneti", presented by the "Cantina Sociale Valpolicella". The last edition of this price will be in 2007 .

    Special prizes of high quality wines from the region within which the conference takes place are also awarded each year.


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