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    The WU Gutmann Center for Portfolio Management has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming a leading academic institution in the field of portfolio management, fostering the exchange of knowledge between international academics and practitioners.

    The Center is financially supported by Bank Gutmann AG, which provides an important contribution to the advancement of applied research, to the transfer of know-how, and to the development of future employees for the financial industry.

    For the WU Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics the Center is an excellent opportunity to establish closer ties between the department and the industry.

    The thematic focus of our research and event-organization activities are asset allocation, portfolio performance, risk measurement, and organizational design of the asset management industry. Within the sphere of education the WU Gutmann Center is engaged in a variety of activities in the fields of Creation of Knowledge, Dissemination of Knowledge and Bridging.

    The WU Gutmann Center is supported by an Academic Advisory Board consisting of highly regarded scholars from Europe and the United States.

    Nobel Prize Laureate Professor William Sharpe, member of the Academic Advisory Board and originator of the ”Sharpe-Ratio”, a world-famous performance measure, draws comparisons to positive experiences in the United States: ”In the United States the cooperation between scientific research and real world has led to a substantial acceleration of scientific and technological progress."

    What we do

    Creation of Knowledge

    In order to contribute to the creation of knowledge in the field of portfolio management, the Center supports research activities at WU and intensifies the network with the international Finance community.

    Dissemination of Knowledge

    An important mission of the WU Gutmann Center for Portfolio Management is to convey the latest developments in portfolio management research to young academics and winning their interest for the subject.

    For that purpose the Center supports the Vienna Graduate School of Finance (VGSF) in organizing the weekly Finance Research Seminar as well as the Finance Brown Bag Seminar of the WU Finance Group. The Center also invites leading international scholars to teach PhD courses on state-of-the-art research in subjects related to portfolio management.


    Bridging is the core activity of the WU Gutmann Center for Portfolio Management.

    The Center is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between theory and practice. The Center has developed a wide range of activities which bring academics and practitioners together.

    In all these activities, we cooperate closely with our sponsor, Bank Gutmann AG.


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