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    The Fac­ulty of Admin­is­tra­tion will be a source of sought-​after exper­tise, par­tic­u­larly in the field of pub­lic admin­is­tra­tion. It will be dis­tin­guished by its inno­v­a­tive edu­ca­tional approaches, inter­est­ing lec­tures, high-​quality research work and experts who par­tic­i­pate in the shap­ing of pro­fes­sional opin­ion both in Slove­nia and abroad. The edu­ca­tional process will be based on the con­nec­tion between the fac­ulty, stu­dents and employ­ers so that its grad­u­ates will be employ­able in Slove­nia and abroad. The Fac­ulty of Admin­is­tra­tion will be a well-​organised edu­ca­tional estab­lish­ment, with roles that are clearly defined, allo­cated and respected. Its employ­ees will be devoted to the ful­fil­ment of its mis­sion. They will have the oppor­tu­nity for per­sonal development.


    The Fac­ulty of Administration’s mis­sion is to be high qual­ity and pro­fes­sional inter­dis­ci­pli­nary repos­i­tory of knowl­edge, which it achieves through the ongo­ing devel­op­ment of admin­is­tra­tive dis­ci­plines, research, inte­gra­tion into Sloven­ian and inter­na­tional prac­tice and the trans­fer of knowl­edge and find­ings into pub­lic admin­is­tra­tion edu­ca­tion and training.


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