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  • The Uni­ver­sity of Pitesti is a young, dynamic, mod­ern and flex­i­ble insti­tu­tion of high edu­ca­tion. It offers large edu­ca­tional pos­si­bil­i­ties to the young peo­ple from Roma­nia and from other regions in the world. The pri­or­i­ties of the Uni­ver­sity of Pitesti are directed towards the devel­op­ment of a high qual­ity sci­en­tific research activ­ity, the train­ing of the young peo­ple as future high spe­cial­ists, able to find a proper job in the Roman­ian and Euro­pean labor mar­ket, which becomes more and more sat­u­rated and demand­ing. Among the pri­or­i­ties, we also men­tion the large inter­na­tional col­lab­o­ra­tion that our uni­ver­sity devel­oped through a series of part­ner­ships, projects and pro­grams financed by the Euro­pean Community.

    Our tar­get is to develop in Pitesti a busi­ness ori­ented uni­ver­sity, a uni­ver­sity deeply rooted in the every­day real­ity, a uni­ver­sity that strongly inter­feres with the social-​economic sec­tor by offer­ing its assis­tance in find­ing the cor­rect solu­tions to the numer­ous prob­lems this sec­tor is fac­ing at present. There­fore the Uni­ver­sity of Pitesti is deter­mined to bril­liantly play its part and ful­fill its mis­sion in the soci­ety and to offer a chance to every young indi­vid­ual for his or her future.

    The Uni­ver­sity of Pitesti rep­re­sents the best chance for you to pre­pare your suc­cess­ful pro­fes­sional future!


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