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  • Today, the University of Pécs is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Hungary with the widest spectrum of teaching and research activities that is known and recognised even beyond our borders. Our University represents and accepts as its own a great tradition going back to the Middle Ages, while at the same time it also plays an active role in the task of institutionalising new knowledge that is aimed both at the present and the future.

    With our more than 500 different study programmes our primary goal is to ensure high-level teaching and research in every possible area of study, assist the 29,000 students studying here as much as possible during their student life, organize study abroad scholarships and maintain and improve the quality of university services, libraries and clubs.

    During their several years of study at the University our students are introduced to the secrets and depths of the branch of science they have chosen to study, while they also have the chance to meet other international and Hungarian students majoring in other areas, participate in a number of different programmes organized for them by the faculties or the University, and hopefully they also manage to find some time to experience the very active cultural life of the city of Pécs.


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