University of Maryland (UMD)

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    National research universities play a critical role in advancing our health, security and quality of life by developing comprehensive, trans-disciplinary solutions to global problems, and by stimulating jobs and economic development.

    As Maryland’s flagship university, and member of the Association of American Universities, which comprises the nation’s top research universities, the University of Maryland at College Park plays a leadership role as one of the country’s premier centers for academic scholarship and research.

    We are both creators and disseminators of knowledge. We educate our students to be explorers of knowledge, not passive educational tourists. We are bold, diverse, adaptive, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.

    Our proximity to Washington, D.C. provides significant opportunities to work alongside government researchers and the policy-makers who initiate and guide research initiatives at federal agencies. The University’s strong liberal arts and humanities programs provide opportunities to work with area resources, including the Library of Congress, National Archives and the Smithsonian Institution. Our extensive collaborations with federal agencies and corporations enable the University to be a national leader in numerous scientific and technological areas, including food safety, climate change, information technology, biotechnology, language and linguistic research, homeland security, engineering and cyber security.

    With a $3.4 billion annual impact on the State, the University of Maryland is one of the state’s most important partners providing technology-based solutions for Maryland citizens, creating new companies from UM technologies, and helping the Maryland Small Business sector grow. The 128-acre University of Maryland Research Park gives the university the ability to attract new research activities and businesses to the state.


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