Thurgau Institute of Economics at the University of Konstanz (TWI)

  • Description
  • A cross-border project

    The Thurgau Institute of Economics is associated with the University of Konstanz. It is a cross-border center for experimental research in economics. The objective of the research is to contribute to the understanding of individual behavior in economic contexts. Experiments help to investigate behavior in different economic situations, e.g. market exchange, human cooperation or behavior in risky environments.

    The Supporters of the TWI

    The Thurgau Institute of Economics at the University of Constance is supported by the Thurgau Foundation for Science and Research. Thanks to the city of Kreuzlingen, the TWI was able to find a perfect location for its offices at Hauptstrasse 90 at the Bärenplatz. The Cantonal Bank of Thurgau (TKB) is also a supporter of the Institute: The managing head of the TWI is the foundation chair of the TKB at the University of Constance.


    Phone +41.71.677.05.10
    Address Hauptstrasse 90

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