University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (UNeECC)

  • Description
  • The University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (UNeECC), an international non-profit association, was founded in Pécs Hungary in December 2006, by 15 founding members.

    The creation of UNeECC originates from the idea that it would be useful for universities and establishments of higher education based in European Capitals of Culture to use this well known and prestigious European institution to stimulate new forms of academic and educational institutional collaboration.

    As it is stated in the Statute, the general aim of UNeECC is

    1. to ensure the recognition of the role and contribution of universities to the success of the cities conferred the title "European Capital of Culture"

    2. to provide the member universities with a possibility of a continuous and full participation in the European Capitals of Culture movement enhanced by "Universities of the Year"

    3. to foster inter-university cooperation to develop and reshape the universities regional position to create new activities for city and university collaboration


    UNeECC invites memberships in three different categories:

    • Full membership: from cities of the European Capitals of Culture
    • Associate membership: from applicant cities
    • Supportive membership: all others including cities and cultural organizations with parallel interests



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