Research Management Institut (RMI)

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  • Research Management Institute (RMI) is the research arm of the university. Formerly known as Institute of Research, Development & Commercialisation, (IRDC), it was created to manage research, consultancy, intellectual property protection and commercialisation. In 2008, IRDC was renamed Research Management Institute (RMI). Its duties are is extended to initiate new research and innovation activities. RMI has five divisions which are responsible to manage, monitor and assist in grant applications. The divisions are Research, Consultancy, Innovation, Publication, and INFOREC (Information for Research and Consultancy).

    In particular, RMI conducts seminars, workshops and roadshows to encourage and train the academics and non-academic staff on research and consultancy, securing research grants and projects, managing their finances and publishing research work. It also handles the university’s Research Ethics Committee. In the same vein, RMI organises expositions of innovations and research to encourage innovations and inventions within the university’s environment.


    • To manage, coordinate and provide necessary services for successful research, consultancy and research publication.
    • To assist the exploration of new areas along with its niche.
    • To disseminate information and provide training on research, consultancy and research publication.
    • To ensure continuous innovation,quality research, consultancy and publication.
    • To provide quality services through state-of-the-art facilities.
    • To facilitate publishing research findings in high impact journals.


    To be an excellent management centre for world-class research, development, consultancy and research publication.


    To enhance the scholastic, creative and innovative capabilities of the university through quality services.


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