Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

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    Inspiring futures, nurturing possibilities.


    UKM affirms the integration of faith in Allah and constructive knowledge; along with the amalgamation of theory and practice as the core fundamentals in the advancement of knowledge, the building of an educated society and the development of the university.


    UKM is committed to be ahead of society and time in leading the development of a learned, dynamic and moral society.


    To be the learning centre of choice that promotes the sovereignty of Bahasa Melayu and internationalises knowledge rooted in the national culture.

    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) - A Reflection

    The idea for an institution of higher learning for the Malays was first mooted at the 1903 Rulers' Conference, or Durbar. The Malay intellectual Za'ba, wrote about such a need in the newsletter Lembaga Melayu in 1917. A movement, and subsequent debates, among Malay intellectuals, for the setting up a university using the Malay language as the medium of instruction in the institution of higher learning was formed in 1923 when another Malay thinker Abdul Kadir Adabi, submitted a memorandum on the matter to the HRH the Sultan of Kelantan. Howeverthe effort came to nothing due to many obstacles and resistance from the colonial authorities.

    42 years since it's inception, UKM has produced 146,362 graduates.The university has since attracted global attention, as seen in the 2,937 students from 42 nations.

    UKM was appointed as one of the four research universities of Malaysia in 2006 based on it's excellent record in research for 40 years. That recognition has gained further ground when the Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI) and the International Institute of Global Health, United Nations University were set up at the university. Its areas of research were further consolidated and enhanced with the identification of eight niche areas; Challenges to Nation Building, Sustainable Territorial Development, Renewable Energy, Health and Medical Technology, Climate Change, Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Biological Diversity in Biotechnology Development and ICT: Content Informatics.

    UKM is also the recipient of the Prime Minister's Quality Award 2006, a recognition of its excellent achievements in the academic and management fields. It has also been conferred the status of an Autonomous University in January 2012, while it looks ahead to a Transformation Pelan by 2018 With these strong foundations, UKM aims at not just sustaining but also enhancing its level of excellence via its 2000-2020 (PS2020) Strategic Plan in line with its slogan, 'Inspiring Hopes, Nurturing The Future'. All these developments has brought about greater confidence among its staff to continue upgrading their capabilities while enhancing their talents in a conducive, healthy and supportive environment as provided by the university.


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