Laboratoire de Recherche en Gestion et Economie - LARGE Research Centre

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    The Laboratoire de Recherche en Gestion & Economie (LaRGE Research Center),was founded in 1997 through a merge of two research teams:

    · Laboratoire de Recherche en Gestion (LaRGE), founded in 1990
    · Centre d’Etudes des Politiques Financières (CEPF), founded in 1990.

    The LaRGE Research Center main research topics are related to finance.

    LaRGE members are also strongly involved in teaching at the University Master of Finance. More information about LarGE Master of Finance can be found here (in French)

    LaRGE is also one of the research centers of the EM Strasbourg Business School as well as a research unit of the Resarch Federation UdS / CNRS no 3241 L'Europe en mutation : histoire, droit, économie et identités culturelles.


    The LaRGE Research Center is a medium sized research team with a methodological coherency and a valuable scientific interaction. LaRGE research focus on banking and finance.

    LaRGE research projects receive external funding from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) and Observatoire de l'Epargne Européenne (OEE) on a regular basis, as for instance: "Biological Foundations of Economic Decisions", "Islamic Banking and Finance" (jointly with Centre du Droit de l'Entreprise), "Beliefs, Knowledge, Information and Financial Education".

    Below are listed the main topics and sub-topics of research at the LaRGE Research Center.

    • Banking economics and management
    • Behavioral finance
    • Corporate finance
    • Public finance


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