Universitatea Babes-Bolyai (UBB)

  • Description
  • UBB is a public institution of higher education whose mission is to promote and sustain within the local, regional, national and international community the development of specific cultural components.

    Within the current context, these components are:

    • a culture of action based on systematic and innovative knowledge (culture of scientific and technological competence, of organizational competence and of citizenship competence);
    • a culture of permanent and innovative learning;
    • multiculturalism, inter-​cultural and inter-​confessional dialogue;
    • a culture of personal and moral development;
    • a culture of proactive attitude and involvement;
    • a culture of personal development;
    • a culture of integration in diversity and of globalization based on identity respect and reciprocity.

    Programs and Strategies

    The concept of development is dependent upon increasing the University dimensions, the numbers of students and teachers, revenues, increasing the activity of the University on international level, a continuous innovation of specialities, of didactic programmes, increasing the achievements and standards in the teaching-​learning activity, in scientific research, in the University competitiveness.

    The development of the Babes-​Bolyai University during the period 2008 – 2014 requires the achievement of the following objectives:

    1. dominant position among the universities from Romania, Central and South-​Eastern Europe

    2. an educational policy answering the exigencies of the knowledge-​oriented society

    3. proficient scientific policies capable of generating innovation, development, economical growth

    4. an infrastructure capable of upholding/​sustaining education — research — quality innovation

    5. a proficient academic management compatible with an entrepreneurial university

    6. integrating the university in the social and economical life/​activities

    7. the establishment of the university as a cultural and humanist education factor


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