Centro de Investigação em Gestão e Economia (CIGE) na UPT

  • Description
  • Mission

    The Economics and Management Research Centre (CIGE) aims to continue the work developed by the previous research centers from Portucalense University in the field of economic sciences and management.

    CIGE mission is to increase the visibility of the research done at Portucalense University, promoting its dissemination and establishing partnerships with similar national or foreigner research units.


    • Promote the scientific research by the researchers affiliated to the research unit;
    • Promote the researchers attendance at conferences, seminars and workshops, with the presentation of papers or communications, either in Portugal or abroad;
    • Increase the number of publications in scientific journals by the researchers affiliated to the research unit;
    • Establish partnerships and integrate research networks with researchers from other research units, either Portuguese or foreigner;
    • Disseminate the scientific output of the researchers affiliated to the research unit, namely by issuing a Working Paper series;
    • Organize seminars, conferences, specialization courses, summer courses and workshops;
    • Promote the Doctoral Course in Management;
    • Promote the visits of foreign teachers and researchers;
    • Promote the integration of the 1st and 2nd cycle students in the unit research activities;
    • Promote the contact of the research unit with the economic and social environment in which is inserted;
    • Develop empirical studies and supply services to firms and institutions and to the local and central public administration.

    Research lines

    • Applied Economics (microeconomics and economic behavior, health economics)
    • Management (SMEs economics and management, strategic management, tourism and hospitality management, business ethics)
    • Marketing (electronic commerce, e-marketing, commercial management, services marketing and services quality)
    • Finance (behavioral finance, term structure of interest rates, derivatives, hedge funds)
    • Accounting and Taxation (management and SMEs accounting)

    General research objectives

    • Increase the electronic edition of a Working Paper series (ISSN 1646-8953) with the scientific output from the Economics and Management Department and of the researchers affiliated to the research unit
    • Increase the contact and participation in research networks, preferably of international nature
    • Increase the scientific output from the members of the research unit, linking it with the defined research lines and having as an ultimate objective the publication in recognized publications
    • Increase the scientific output from the 2nd and 3rd cycle students, linking it to the centre’s research lines.

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