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  • As a result of the joint ven­ture of the group of sci­en­tists con­sist­ing of lec­tur­ers from Fac­ulty of Civil Engi­neer­ing and Fac­ulty of Mines of Istan­bul Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­si­tiy it has been decided to estab­lish the Turkey Earth­quake Foun­da­tion in the leead­er­ship of Prof.Dr.Rifat YARAR after the big earth­quake of M=6.8 occurred in Erz­in­can on 13.03.1992 cost­ing the lives of 653 peo­ple and dam­ag­ing 6700 build­ings, in order to min­i­mize the loss of life and prop­erty that our peo­ple and coun­try will suffer.

    The founders com­mit­tee has worked together with the val­ue­able lec­tur­ers of ITU, ODTU and BU who have achieved great suc­cess in our coun­try and abroad especailly after the big earth­quake of Erz­in­can in 1939 and have real­ized the orga­ni­za­tion of the estab­lish­ment of the Turkey Earth­quake Foun­da­tion under foun­da­tion sta­tus with the co-​operation of Pub­lic Works and Hous­ing Min­istry. The Foun­da­tion has gath­ered together the cor­po­ra­tions who has activ­ity in this field in our coun­try and our country’s related peo­ple who are experts in earth­quake sci­ence and earth­quake engineering.

    The founders have worked as a group and have pre­pared the nec­es­sary Foun­da­tion Bond at the end of three meet­ing. The Foun­da­tion Bond has been reg­is­tered in com­pli­ance with the decree no. 1993/​95, base no. 1992851 dated 26.02.1993 issued by the judge of Kadıköy 6th Civil Court and has been found appro­pri­ate by the Foun­da­tions Gen­eral Man­age­ment and accord­ingly has been announced in the Offi­cial Gazette dated 15th April 1993 No: 21553.

    Cer­tifi­cated Engi­neer Mr. Necdet Seçk­inöz who at the time of rapid estab­lish­ment of our foun­da­tion was serv­ing as Gen­eral Sec­re­tary at the Pres­i­dency, has been of great help.


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