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    TA Group is an educational company that provides services in the field of development of thinking skills of various groups of learners. We run teacher education seminars and workshops, develop thinking oriented materials and curricula and help organisations introduce the thinking dimension in their work.

    Team Members

    • Alexander Sokol, PhD, a freelance teacher, teacher trainer, researcher and educational consultant; Alexander is the academic director of TA Group and he is the principle developer of the educational technologies developed by the company.
    • Edgar Lasevich, MA, a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and consultant; Edgar is a researcher in some of the projects developed by TA Group and a teacher trainer at the courses for language teachers.
    • Irina Buchinska, MA, the head of the English Department at Daugavpils Russian Lyceum; Irina is a TA materials developer and a teacher trainer at the course for language teachers.
    • Marija Dobrovolska-Stoian, MA, a freelance teacher of English and German; She is a researcher and materials developer in TA Group.
    • Marina Bagrova, MA, a teacher of Russian at Riga Herder Secondary school; Marina is a TA materials developer for Russian and a trainer in our course for teachers of Russian.
    • Natalia Kovilina, MA, a deputy head responsible for the methodology at Daugavpils Russian Lyceum; Natalia is a TA materials developer for Russian and a trainer at our courses for teachers of Russian.
    • Renata Ionina, MA, a freelance teacher of English and French; Renata is a project administrator at TA Group and is the first person to address if you look for information about any of the activities of the company.


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