Technical University of Liberec (TUL)

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  • Top-​level results in research and science, excellence in teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration have stood for the Technical University of Liberec since 1953. More than 8000 students study at six faculties and one specialized institute.

    In the field of technology transfer, the Technical University of Liberec has a tradition of research in close cooperation especially with the textile and automotive industries. This has guaranteed excellent placements to graduates. Furthermore, the University is involved in more than 100 research projects worth almost USD 3 million and in contract research.

    While connected globally, the University understands its responsibility as an institution uniquely located in Central Europe and engages in cross-​border projects.


    Leaders in Research and Technology Transfer

    • Over USD 1.5 million income from licensing patents and contract research in 2014
    • Partner of Skoda Volkswagen and ČEZ
    • Science and Research — More than 25% of the total activity of the TUL
    • Over 100 projects worth almost USD 3 million
    • Forerunners in nanotechnology — nanofibres and nanoparticles

    Center for Technology Transfer

    The Center for Technology Transfer focuses on the issue of the transfer of knowledge and the commercialisation of the outputs of science and research. One of the main aims is to bring closer the links between the world of business and the world of academia.

    If you are interested in cooperation with the Center for Technology Transfer at the Technical University of Liberec, kindly contact Ass. Prof. Dr. Ing. Pavel Němeček via email or tel. +420 485353052.

    Our Focus, Our Outlook

    by Rector Zdeněk Kůs

    The north of the Czech Republic is known for textile, glass, chemical and automotive industries and for coal and uranium mining. Ever since its foundation in 1953, the Technical University in Liberec has shaped its research focus on the needs of these industries, strong ties to the local companies and their impact on the local environment and ecology.

    Technology transfer, innovation and competitiveness are the prime objectives of the TUL research activities. Their results in nanofibres production technology, in textile and clothing industries and in development of production machines for textile and glass industries have proven a lasting success. The University is also proud to be an important partner for the automotive companies in the Czech Republic and globally.

    The Technical University of Liberec is not only catering for the needs of the current time, but it has a futuristic vision enabling it to innovate in the long term.


    Phone +420.485.353.612
    Address Studentská 2

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