SPOLINT - Inštitut za razvoj športa

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  • Spolint, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Policy and Diplomacy of Sport (NGO), has been established in 2009 in order to enhance the socio-ecological initiatives globally and expand public programs under the umbrella of LEPA (Life Enhancing Physical Activity).

    Short name: Spolint International (Sport POLicy INTernational)


    The role which sport can play in society has not yet been exercised to its full potential. That is why Spolint International:

    • generates international think tank that understands the big picture of sport; including the representatives of important stakeholders from sport and sport related politics, academia, industry, media and international organizations.
    • offers high quality services and other supportive activities to public and private organizations;
    • provides opportunities for more horizontal integration across programs and sectors by linking civil society bodies, governmental institutions and market related companies;
    • remains open to limited opportunities for convening such commissions where it can make a difference.

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