Social Sciences Research Society (SoSReS)

  • Description
  • The Social Sciences Research Society (SoSReS) is a network of academics who share a common interest in inter-disciplinary/multi-disiplinary research in the Social Sciences. The SoSReS fosters communication and collaboration across the social sciences, enhances networking and provides education, workshops, consultation and research services. The SoSReS mobilizes researchers, policy makers, professionals and other experts from the private and public sectors to develop inter-disciplinary/multi-disiplinary approaches to issues of critical social importance.

    Vision and Mission Statement

    The mission of the the Social Sciences Research Society (SoSReS) is to conduct research on social, economic, political and environmental problems facing the nations and the world. This mandate is carried out through workshops and conferences, research consortia and publications.

    The SoSReS encourages and supports:

    • Organizing collaborative research on national, regional and global issues
    • Inter-disciplinary/multi-disciplinary centers of activity within SoSReS that focus on different areas of social concern,
    • Facilitating and evaluating cooperation amongst research institutions/centers to enable international collaboration; Research collaborations across disciplinary lines, across research centers, and across universities

    Aims and Activities

    The SoSReS is involved in numerous activities: organising workshops and conferences, supporting publications. The SoSReS promotes, conducts and facilitates research and consultancy in the social sciences. One of its main functions is publishing research findings in the various disciplines.

    The SoSReS aims to bring together research scholars and practioners in the various fields of social sciences to form a platform where:

    • seminars and conferences are arranged to share new practices and new developments in the field,
    • workshops and traning programs are organized both in academia and public and private sectors.


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