Department of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management (KTiUZO)

  • Description
  • Our research activity is focused on:

    • utilization of liquid, solid and gas waste substances
      • industry waste
      • hazardous waste incl. medical
      • municipal waste and sludge
    • analysis of hazardous waste properties and methods of its utilization,
    • utilization of chemical substances using thermal and chemical methods,
    • analysis of sorting systems and disintegration of solid waste,
    • problems of designing and exploitation of devices and installations for waste management and outlet gas cleaning
    • designing of installations for chemical industry and food industry,
    • production and combustion , co-combustion of waste and formed fuels,
    • Analysis of sozoecomonic effects of waste management.

    Research activity of the Department is strictly directed to cooperation with industry and embraces crucial aspects that are important for national economy. Our scientific ideas and unique technologies are inculcated in industry. Department is equipped with very rare and unique research and laboratory installations (incl. laboratory installations for combustion and co-combustion fuels, laboratory installations for investigation of liquid and gas fuel burners, grates for solid fuels as well as pyrolisis chamber etc.).

    Our Department is also equipped in analytical laboratory (incl. chromatography) as well as outlet gas monitoring systems.

    Scientific and technical workers of the Department have high qualification skills and wide practical experience.


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