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  • The Silesian University of Technology has a history of 65 years. It has become an important public culture and opinion-forming institution, deeply rooted in the city of Gliwice and Upper Silesia region. It's special function is an outcome of the fact that for many successive years our university served as a specific "knowledge deposit", thanks to the creative work of its professors and other staff. We successfully utilize our human resources in research and education processes and make the results available for the public benefit and market advantage.

    The Silesian University of Technology is the biggest technical university in our region and one of the biggest in Poland, currently educating about 30,000 students on 14 Faculties in 48 engineering disciplines. We provide graduates of engineering who are ready to work as managers of Silesian industry and of enterprises far beyond our region. As an organization with big research and teaching potential we exert a stimulating impact on the growth of Silesia and Zagłębie and significantly contribute to the creation of the economy based on knowledge management.

    The faculties cover the whole range of engineering disciplines, as well as elements of management, sociology and administration. Educational and research activities benefit from large number of modern lecture halls and advanced laboratories and are carried out by remarkable university staff consisting of over 1,700 academic teachers including 300 professors and DSc degree holders.

    The Silesian University of Technology is an active partner of the European students exchange within the framework of the LLP-Erasmus programme, on the basis of over 145 bilateral agreements with European universities.

    Following the Bologna Declaration, the Silesian University of Technology has activated courses at different levels: (1) Bachelor's degree, (2) Master's degree and (3) PhD courses. Studies at the Silesian University of Technology provide with opportunities for successful entry into professional life and highly developed research work.

    Our experience and internationally recognized standing will ensure that your B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree will be of the highest rank, you will acquire all the skills that international employers are looking for. So, if your interests lay in engineering disciplines and you decide to face a challenge of modern world, do not hesitate and join us.


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