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    Substantial organizational changes at School of Business Administration took place following the beginning of the academic year 1994/1995. Apart from reorganizing some departments, fully new departments were set up – among these also the Department of Finance. Until then, its employees worked at the Department of Marketing. Since its founding, the Department of Finance has provided both subjects of the obligatory basis study (first of all, a course in Money, Banks and Financial Markets and a course in Corporate Finance), and courses in Banking and later broader oriented Finance. The department and its individual employees were or are guarantees of guaranteed majors Finance, Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial and Customs Administration, Financial and Postal Services.

    The team of the department gradually expanded from the original four full-time and four part-time members to the current 11 faculty members. The highest number of department members (14) was recorded in 2005. Both the qualification structure of teachers considerably changed and their involvement into the scientific research activity. Progressively, the Department of Finance participated more and more in obtaining grants, its publication activity broadened and improved and the involvement in foreign activities of grew. Teaching subjects in the English language became more intense.

    Eleven full-time employees of the department have decided to leave their department for various reasons and both experienced teachers and experts with practice and young perspective graduates of the School of Business Administration have come after. At present, three of them are working at the Department of Finance and they support significantly their department in the pedagogical as well as research activity. The progressive development of PhD studies caused a considerably increasing involvement of internal PhD students to the activities of the Department. The current PhD students are mostly some of the outstanding graduates of the master studies in majors guaranteed by the Department of Finance.

    Heads of Department of Finance:

    Milan Třaskalík (1994 – 1995)
    Stanislav Polouček (1995 – 2006)
    Lumír Kulhánek (2006 – 2008)
    Daniel Stavárek (since 2008)

    The Department has hosted many foreign teachers and researchers. They usually deliver guest lectures or teach in regular courses. In addition, they collaborate on research activities of individual members of the Department.


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