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  • The history of the Silesian University is actually quite short; it was established by a law passed by the Czech National Council on July 9, 1991. However, for more than one hundred years, Opava’s cultural representatives had proposed the creation of an institution of the university type, applying in 1870, 1945 and 1968. Only after the political changes in 1990 did their dream came true and two faculties were created in close cooperation with Brno Masaryk University: the Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava and the School of Business Administration in Karviná. Since 1991 the Silesian University has been expanding. In 1999 the Mathematical Institute in Opava was established after its separation from the Faculty of Philosophy and Science, and in 2008 several other institutes separated from the same faculty and the Faculty of Public Policies in Opava was created. The Silesian University includes also the Extramural Educational Centre in Krnov, founded in 1999. In 2009 the total number of the students was more than 8000 involved in approximately 50 study programmes.

    The Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava offers bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes in humanities, namely in Linguistics, Library Science, History, Archaeology, Museology, and in natural sciences, namely in Physics and Computer Science. The Faculty provides teacher-training programmes in many different combinations. Creative Photography represents the artistic disciplines.

    The Faculty of Public Policies in Opava offers bachelor programmes in Administration and Regional Politics, Social Pathology and Prevention, General Nursing and master programmes in Social Policy and International Territorial Studies.

    The School of Business Administration in Karviná is aimed not only at the regional and entrepreneurial field, but also at the analysis and evaluation of the impact of globalization and integration processes on individual sectors of the Czech economy. The school offers bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes in Economics, Marketing, Management, Finance and Banking, Economic Policy and Administration and Management Informatics.

    The Mathematical Institute in Opava provides several bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes oriented towards General Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Applied Mathematics for Crisis Resolution, Geometry and Mathematical Methods in Economics.

    The Educational Centre in Krnov has been established with the aim to organize lifelong studies, lectures and courses in topical subjects for the regional administration and extramural students.

    The Silesian University in Opava is a member of the European University Association and other international institutions. At the beginning of the third millennium it successfully underwent a demanding evaluation process, which was carried out by foreign professionals. The Silesian University is involved in several international student and teacher exchange programmes, particularly within the framework of ERASMUS, it also has a vast cooperation with foreign universities in many research projects. The Silesian University applies ECTS credits and standards in all its study programmes, in 2009 it was awarded the prestigious certificate: ECTS Label. The Silesian University in Opava is a university with a positive trend and a future of prosperous development.


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