School Social Work Association of Ghana (SSWAG)

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  • The School Social Work Association of Ghana (SSWAG) is a national membership organization that connects, informs and mobilizes professional social workers practicing in the education systems of Ghana. The decision to form the association came as a result of the need to bring together professional social workers practicing in various social work positions within the Ghana Education Service (i.e., Welfare, Special Education, Guidance and Counseling, and School Health Education). The purpose is to network and exchange ideas and information about best practices in the field. SSWAG aims at promoting and enhancing sound public policies and programmes to meet the needs of social work values, standards, ethics, and high quality professional development.

    The association has gone through a process of development since 30th March 2001, when the first meeting was organized with only ten (10) members. Currently, SSWAG works with more than 200 members, many of them providing services to basic and high school students, families, teachers, and educational administrators. School social work is a strong and growing field in many districts. Thus SSWAG is set to provide forums for its members to engage in advocacy programmes that will facilitate the development of the profession in the country. Since regular educational administrators and other stakeholders are often unfamiliar with school social work practice, including appropriate roles for school social workers, the association aims at presenting to the public issues pertaining to employment, image and recognition of school social workers as contributors to students’ success. The association believes that employing school social workers in all school settings is the obvious route to reducing or eliminating difficult social, behavioral and academic problems of students in Ghana.


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