• Description
  • Ro-​Rus-​Nipponica is a non-​governmental orga­ni­za­tion com­posed of PhD pro­fes­sors, researchers and translators;

    The inter­na­tional cen­ter has coop­er­a­tion rela­tions with edu­ca­tional, research and cul­tural insti­tu­tions from over 40 coun­tries of the world, mainly with Rus­sia, Japan, Greece, Fin­land and Bulgaria.

    Work­ing within the center:

    • The Depart­ment of Roman­ian lan­guage for for­eign­ers orga­nizes inten­sive courses of Roman­ian for the higher edu­ca­tion admissions;
    • The Depart­ment of rare for­eign lan­guages (Russ­ian, Japan­ese, Chi­nese, Finnish, Greek and Viet­namese) has a com­plex activ­ity regard­ing the less stud­ied lan­guages both in Roma­nia and abroad;
    • The Depart­ment of lex­i­cog­ra­phy and trans­la­tion han­dles the edit­ing of rare dic­tio­nar­ies and less known books, because of the lin­guis­tic barrier;


    Phone +40.763.684.064

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