International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI)

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  • Mission

    Translating Research to Technology has been ARCI's motto and the centre has set for itself the task of striving to bridge the gap between conventional research institutes & laboratories and the high-technology industries. Consistent with this overall goal, ARCI has primarily dedicated its efforts towards the following:

    • Development of high performance materials and processes for niche markets
    • Demonstration of technologies at prototype or commercial-intent scales
    • Transfer of technologies to Indian industry
    • Establishment of jointly operated demonstration centres with foreign partners to showcase emergent technologies

    Centres of Excellence

    Based on the thrust areas of research and technology development, and the key support groups warranted, the following Centres of Excellence (CoEs) have been created at ARCI:

    • Centre for Nanomaterials
    • Centre for Engineered Coatings
    • Centre for Ceramic Processing
    • Centre for Laser Processing of Materials
    • Centre for Non-Oxide Ceramics
    • Centre for Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization
    • Centre for Fuel Cell Technology
    • Centre for Sol-Gel Coatings
    • Centre for Carbon Materials
    • Centre for Structural and Chemical Characterization
    • Centre for Technology Acquisition, Transfer and International Cooperation


    Over the years, ARCI has developed various state-of-the-art technologies employing varied approaches:

    1. on its own

    2. in collaboration with academic institutions / R&D laboratories within India or abroad or

    3. through establishment of a strategic alliance with an industry.

    More recently, ARCI has initiated the concept of establishing jointly operated centres for demonstrating specific technologies of relevance to India in collaboration with hi-tech companies located elsewhere in the world, as a prelude to transfer of the technology to Indian Industry. In addition, ARCI has been undertaking numerous sponsored projects with a variety of government agencies to develop specific products and/or associated technologies, besides carrying out contract research for both foreign and Indian companies. ARCI has also been carrying out basic R&D in collaboration with renowned institutes/laboratories worldwide within its areas of core competence.


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