Polskie Towarzystwo Socjologiczne

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  • The Professional, Non-profit Membership Organization for Sociologists in Poland

    The Polish Sociological Association (PTS) is a non-profit membership organization of Polish sociologists, comprising approx. 1300 members. In accordance with its statute, it aims at supporting the development of sociology, propagating sociological knowledge within society, shaping professional ethics among sociologists and representing the interests of its members in the scope of their academic activity.

    Graduates in sociology or other related fields of study as well as people with achievements in sociology can join the association.

    Both those students and interested in sociology can become associate members.

    Members are mainly employees of universities, the Polish Academy of Sciences and research centers. The majority of members working outside academic institutions are involved in survey work and market research or are social workers.


    Polish Sociological Association publications include the proceedings of its conferences (in Polish), and the newsletters Current Information and Bibliographical Information, a record of recent sociological publication in Poland (both in Polish).

    The English language quarterly, Polish Sociological Review (formerly Polish Sociological Bulletin) publishes both papers devoted to Polish sociology and general theoretical papers.


    The Polish Sociological Association comprises the following sections:

    • Sociology of Work
    • Rural and Agricultural Sociology
    • Sociology of Science
    • Sociology of Deviation and Social Control
    • Urban Sociology
    • Social Anthropology
    • Methodology of Social Studies
    • Qualitative Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism
    • Sociological Problems of National Security
    • Sociology of Medicine
    • Social Work
    • Sociotechnics
    • Sociology of Law
    • Sociology of Religion
    • History of Sociology
    • Students' Scientific Circles
    • Sociology of Youth and Education


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