Permanent International Committee of Linguists (CIPL)

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  • The Permanent International Commitee/Comité International Permanent des Linguistes (CIPL) is an international organization founded in 1928 during the first international congress of linguistics which took place in The Hague. It is a non-governmental organization founded to assist in the development of linguistic science. It tries to further linguistic research and to co-ordinate activities undertaken for the advancement of linguistics. It considers it as its special task to promote mutual contact between linguists and to make the results of linguistic research known internationally. CIPL consists of a General Assembly and an Executive Committee. Quintannual international congresses are organised in close collaboration with the national committee on linguistic research.

    Also CIPL prepares and publishes a linguistic bibliography which aims at giving a complete and reliable survey of all linguistic publications, irrespective of the country of their appearance or the language in which they are written. In cooperation with UNESCO CIPL sponsors special linguistic projects such as projects in the field of Endangered Languages.

    As to the future, CIPL is confident that it will be able to fulfil its two main obligations: the organization of international congresses and the annual publication of the bibliography. The modest funds at its disposal put narrow limits on the range of the activities of our organization. As it is of the utmost importance that the linguistic bibliography be as up-to-date as possible, a serious attempt is being made to shorten the interval between the year covered and the year of publication of the annual bibliography.

    It goes without saying that CIPL remains open for all countries in which national linguistic institutions or research centers have come into being. As its statutes already indicate, CIPL is meant to be a truly international organization. Therefore our policy can only be to encourage national and international scientific organizations to become members and to participate in our activities.


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