Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging (MedIm)

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  • A nationwide network for high quality research training

    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (MedIm) promotes research training at a top international level within the field of medical imaging in Norway. The Research School is based on a network combining prominent research groups nationwide, based both at universities, university hospitals, SINTEF and industry with high-standard development & research activities.

    MedIm is funded through an 8-year grant from the Research Council of Norway.

    MedIm promotes networks on a national and international level through a range of grants and activities. Through the pan-European research infrastructure Euro-Bioimaging, MedIm takes part in a large-scale effort to promote collaboration in research training on a European level.

    The host institution of MedIm is the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU.

    PhD-courses within the field of medical imaging

    Available PhD courses in medical imaging

    These PhD-courses are accessible to candidates from all institutions nation-wide. The courses are organized with the purpose of enabling travelling participants to attend. In most cases, all course will be accepted as giving ECTS credits at all institutions and PhD-programs.

    Other relevant courses in medical imaging

    These are the courses that are well established, but fail to meet several of the demands towards accessibility. Therefore, they are usually not practically available for external participants.

    PhD courses in medical imaging in other Nordic countries

    MedIm is working to promote collaboration in PhD training between the Nordic Countries. In a selected number of courses, MedIm will provide travel- and accommodation grants to participants to these courses.

    External courses and events

    Here we present links to courses and events that may be of interest PhD students in the field of medical imaging. This could be one-time events, or courses in connection with conferences. In contrast to the courses on the List of PhD courses, these events generally do not result in ECTS points. Only where it is specifically mentioned will MedIm provide travel- and accommodation grants to participants at these events.


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