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    According to our statutes (established in 1992) our aims are:

    • to improve the psychosocial situation of sufferers and their relatives,
    • to break down individual and social prejudices against sufferers from Eating Disorders,
    • to enhance public understanding of eating disorders and identify those socio-cultural factors that may contribute to the onset of an eating disorder such as social "slimming-pressure", women's role in society, controversial role-expectations on girls and young women, and to help to change these factors,
    • to achieve a more adequate treatment for sufferers,
    • to increase quantity and improve quality of treatment and self-help offers; the orientation at the state of the art research in the sense of an evidence-based therapeutic acting concerning aetiology, pathogenesis, and treatment of Eating Disorders has to be global priority!


    The Network Eating Disorders is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 1990 by Prof. Günther Rathner. It is located in Innsbruck encompassing the whole of Austria. The Network Eating Disorders is one of the eldest non-profit organisations in this field in German speaking countries which now has been working for more than 20 years for sufferers and their relatives.

    Eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder have reached epidemic proportions and have become a steadily growing and serious health problem, especially for girls and young women; not only in Austria but in the whole industrialised world.

    Since its foundation the Network Eating Disorders has set itself a wide area of objectives ranging from public relations to enhance public understanding of eating disorders over advising- & motivation work for sufferers and their relatives to prevention and health promotion.

    In addition the Network Eating Disorders has already organised eighteen international conferences on Eating Disorders chaired and convened by Prof. Günther Rathner, Ph.D. These congresses are the largest conferences on Eating Disorders in the German speaking world and from the beginning they were open to a wide range of audiences such us sufferers, their relatives & experts.

    Education & Training

    Postgraduate Training Course in Treatment of Eating Disorders

    This is the first German language postgraduate training into the treatment of ED and has been running since 2000. This training is multidisciplinary and oriented at integrating different psychotherapy schools and methods.

    Course Content

    • Diagnostic criteria (DSM-IV, ICD-10)
    • Epidemiology of ED: prevalence, incidence, natural history
    • Risk factors for the development of ED
    • Guidelines for the treatment of ED (AN, BN, ED-NOS, BED)
    • The first contact with sufferers & carers
    • Ambivalence, "resistance" & treatment motivation
    • Which treatment is best? (self-help (groups), day hospital, out-patient vs. in-patient treatment)
    • Somatic aspects, emergencies
    • How to change ED symptoms? (weight gain, changes in eating behaviour)
    • Pharmacological treatment of ED
    • Binge Eating Disorder: diagnosis, epidemiology & treatment
    • Specific problems in treatment (body image, (physical & sexual) abuse, multi-impulsivity, co-morbidity, injury & self-mutilation etc.)
    • Aims of treatment
    • Denial of illness & "resistance": compulsory treatment (pros and cons)
    • Developmental aspects of ED
    • Self-help & stepped-care-approach, multi-disciplinary cooperation
    • High-risk groups for ED
    • Males & ED
    • Role & impact of families, relatives & partners
    • Family therapy & couples therapy
    • Different (psycho-)therapeutic schools vs. integrated psychotherapeutic approach
    • Course & prognosis of ED
    • Prevention of ED: high-risk vs. population-based approach
    • Basics of diagnosis & treatment of obesity.

    Who can attend?

    • Clinical psychologists or psychotherapists (in education or registered), doctors & specialists (in education or approbated), nutritionist, dietician & nutritional & medical advisers etc...

    Approved by

    Austrian Association for Psychotherapy (ÖBVP) as advanced training for psychotherapists (psychotherapist for Eating Disorders); Austrian Medical Council (ÖAK) for General Medicine, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Social Medicine, Paediatrics; Austrian Association of Dieticians; Austrian Society on Eating Disorders (ASED); Austrian Association of Psychologists (BÖP).


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