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  • The NOeG is a non-profit society with the objective of promoting scientific progress in the field of the theoretical and applied economic sciencies.

    In the field of the applied economic sciencies, the independed and objective analysis of the economic performance of the Austrian economy is a main goal of the NOeG. Im Bereich der angewandten Wirtschaftswissenschaft wird die Analyse der wirtschaftlichen

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    The Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft (NOeG), that is the Austrian Economic Association, proudly looks back in history, as two prominent economists were among the founders on July 19, 1918. These outstanding persons were Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883-1950) and Ludwig von Mises.

    The Austrian Economic Association tries to achieve its aims in the spirit of Schumpeter. He was a jurist, theorist, practitioner (bank president) and politician. Schumpeter held positions at the universities of Vienna, Czernowitz, Graz and Bonn, and he even researced and taught at Columbia University and Harvard University. In public politics, he was a member of the nationalisation committee in 1918, before becoming federal minister of public finances in 1919, but he only held that office for seven months. Like von Mises and few others, he most strongly contributed to the fame of the Austrian School of economics. His books are well-known even today: "Das Wesen und der Hauptinhalt der theoretischen Nationalökonomie", "Theorie der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung", "Die Krise des Steuerstaates", "Business Cyles", "Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy", "Imperialism and Social Classes", "History of Economic Analysis" and "Das Wesen des Geldes".

    Due to Schumpeter's type of research, the Austrian Economic Association strives for enhancing applied economics and theoretical economic policy, particularly in putting emphasis on the institutional aspects of the economy. This character of the Austrian Economic Association's work is reflected by its journal "Empirica" - a journal for applied economics and economic policy (see the respective subpage to this homepage).

    In 1978, the Austrian Economic Association resumed its tradition to hold an annual conference. By turns, the annual meeting is presently organised in Vienna and at some university in the other federal provinces (see the subpages on the past and next annual conference).


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