National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT)

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  • Founded in the late sixties (Law No. 4161 of 31.12.1968), ENIT is the oldest engineering schools in Tunisia. Since its inception, it has ceased to be entrusted with critical national missions. Polytechnic vocation, it has provided to young Tunisian government that had covered its independence, its senior technical executives who laid the foundations of civil and industrial infrastructure (electricity, factories, dams, roads, structures, etc). Such infrastructure has significantly contributed to the spring sitting of the economic development of Tunisia today.

    Similarly, it has spread, during the eighties some of the youngest engineering schools today enriching the panorama of Tunisian engineering training. ENIT was, finally, and continues to be a pool of renewable experts and senior executives of the state, recognized expertise in the fields of higher education, research and engineering.

    Today, ENIT draws on its history and experience ideas and forces to face new challenges:

    • train more engineers in the context of international competition can produce, innovate and undertake as part of the knowledge society
    • contribute decisively to the creation of a forward base for research in science and engineering techniques have a direct impact on the Tunisian citizen

    A new challenges, new missions. Thus, ENIT now conducted three complementary missions:

    • training diploma engineers in meeting the needs of trades or potential market
    • continuing education and distance learning to sharpen the performance of practicing engineers,
    • research, innovation and transfer of know-how through technological development and entrepreneurship.

    Missions conducted in a competitive environment that should be controlled and with a workforce that is asked to turn into generators of wealth.

    Each year, more than 400 winners of national competitions ENIT choose to conduct their course of three years in one of six sectors which are qualified by certain options. In addition, specific competitions allow short cycles technological winners to continue their studies at school.

    A strategy of selective double-degree programs with foreign schools of high reputation enables the ENIT keep in touch with competitive systems and students to consider opening an international motivational.

    A graduate school (Science and Technology of the Engineer) of seven and nine doctoral research Masters framing welcomed more than 1200 registered in twenty laboratories and research units. A staff of over 160 trainers academic standing of 50 professional engineers contractors which is added each year, fifty teachers related non-resident visitors to the school by cooperation agreements. This potential gives the ENIT means of its ambition when the quality of its graduates, the size of its projects, but also allows it to be recognized as a regional center of excellence in certain fields (AUF-LAMSIN UNESCO Chair in Mathematics and Development, Water and Environment, Telecommunications...).

    Technological resources, sometimes unique, are available to learners and researchers and even external users. A library of more than 30,000 books and two technical centers, Centre for Computer Resources and Development (IDRC) and Centre for Integrated Industrial Production (CIIP) federate means and resources and develop professional working conditions for engineering students and researchers.


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