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    Michi­gan State Uni­ver­sity (MSU) Spar­tans work to advance the com­mon good in uncom­mon ways. The nation’s pio­neer land-​grant uni­ver­sity, MSU began as a bold exper­i­ment that democ­ra­tized higher edu­ca­tion and helped bring sci­ence and inno­va­tion into every­day life. Today, MSU is one of the top research uni­ver­si­ties in the world — on one of the biggest, green­est cam­puses in the nation — and is home to a diverse com­mu­nity of ded­i­cated stu­dents and schol­ars, ath­letes and artists, sci­en­tists and leaders.


    • Founded in 1855
    • Pro­to­type for 69 land-​grant insti­tu­tions estab­lished under the Mor­rill Act of 1862
    • First insti­tu­tion of higher learn­ing in the United States to teach sci­en­tific agriculture

    Cam­pus profile

    • Located in East Lans­ing, three miles east of Michigan’s capi­tol in Lansing
    • 5,200-acre cam­pus with 2,100 acres in exist­ing or planned development
    • 532 build­ings, includ­ing 103 aca­d­e­mic buildings
    • 17,500 acres through­out Michi­gan used for agri­cul­tural, ani­mal, and forestry research

    Spar­tan Community

    Stu­dents (fall 2012)

    • 48,906 total: from all 83 coun­ties in Michi­gan, all 50 states in the United States, and more than 130 other countries
    • 36,747 under­grad­u­ate, 10,247 grad­u­ate and pro­fes­sional, 1,912 nondegree
    • 52 per­cent women, 48 per­cent men
    • 16.1 per­cent stu­dents of color, 13.5 per­cent international

    Fac­ulty and aca­d­e­mic staff

    • Approx­i­mately 5,000

    Sup­port staff employees

    • Approx­i­mately 6,400

    Liv­ing alumni

    • Approx­i­mately 529,000 worldwide


    Exem­plary Ongo­ing Research Projects at Michi­gan State University

    Every day at MSU, ded­i­cated sci­en­tists, schol­ars, and stu­dents cre­ate and apply knowl­edge as they work to pro­vide sus­tain­able solu­tions to the world’s most press­ing prob­lems. Here are exam­ples of some out­stand­ing cur­rent research projects. More…

    Annual Fund­ing Highlights

    Fund­ing for exter­nally spon­sored pro­grams comes pri­mar­ily from fed­eral agen­cies, state agen­cies, indus­try, asso­ci­a­tions and foun­da­tions. (Because funds for con­duct­ing research are gen­er­ally awarded in multi-​year con­tracts or grants, the amount recorded as received each year may not reflect the expen­di­tures in that year. Charts for 2012 – 13.

    • $477 mil­lion in exter­nal fund­ing in 2012 – 13.
    • 49 per­cent of MSU’s exter­nal fund­ing was federal.
    • The National Sci­ence Foun­da­tion and the National Insti­tutes of Health were the largest fed­eral fun­ders of MSU research.

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    Phone +1.517.355-1855

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