Center for Quantitative Risk Analysis (CEQURA)

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  • The Cen­ter for Quan­ti­ta­tive Risk Analy­sis (CEQURA) con­ducts research on the analy­sis of risk, pro­motes the dia­logue between aca­d­e­mic dis­ci­plines, and pro­vides knowl­edge trans­fer between acad­e­mia and praxis. Its focus is not lim­ited to par­tic­u­lar appli­ca­tions. Prob­lems of mea­sur­ing, quan­ti­fy­ing, mod­el­ing, pre­dict­ing, and mon­i­tor­ing risk arise in vir­tu­ally all areas, includ­ing the social and eco­nomic sci­ences, finance, nat­ural sci­ences, and tech­ni­cal fields. The Cen­ter pro­vides a plat­form for study­ing method­olog­i­cal and empir­i­cal aspects of risk analy­sis for researchers and prac­ti­tion­ers across disciplines.

    The Cen­ter is funded by LMUex­cel­lent through funds, which Ludwig-​Maximillian-​Universität (LMU) Munich received after a Germany-​wide com­pe­ti­tion to fur­ther strengthen its posi­tion as a lead­ing inter­na­tional research university.


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