Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies

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  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing several environmental challenges similar to other countries that affect the health of the people of the society. Therefore, the environmental issues have acquired a serious interest in the Eighth Development Plan of the Kingdom.

    The Kingdom has approved the General Regulation of the Environment and the National Strategic Plan for Health and Environment. Moreover, the researches in the field of environment gained a great portion of interest in the National Plan of Science and Technology.

    Environmental regulations and legislations are generally aimed to preserve the environment, protect it, develop it, and prevent it from being polluted, protect the general health, preserve the natural resources, develop them and rationalize their uses.

    Moreover, the regulations and legislations are mainly focused on making environmental planning an integrated part of the extensive development planning in all industrial, agricultural and urban fields.

    Therefore, the overall aims are also included raising the level of awareness in the environmental issues, and strengthening consciousness regarding the individual as well as mass responsibilities towards preserving the environment.

    Due to the huge changes in the shadow of comprehensive reformation system that is being taken by our wise government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (may Allah protect him), the role of the University has progressively increased. Such role represents a basic and important pillar in the work in environmental field.

    Thus, there is emerged need to establish the Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies (CEES) to deal with the present environmental situation and to provide the suitable solutions for the environmental problems according to the international criteria.

    The establishment of the CEES Center at King Abdulaziz University represents an important pillar among the scientific research pillars of the numerous environmental issues.

    The establishment of the CEES performs a serious and sincere invitation to all workers and interested individual in the environmental field, whether they are scientists, researchers or graduate study students, to hurry and get benefits from the scientific and materialistic capabilities and the facilities provided by the CEES Center using the newest techniques, laboratories and the help provided. On the other hand, the CEES provides  specialized person who will assist in conducting the applied and development researches with flexibility that is adequate with the recent technical and accelerated developments.


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