KEIO International Environmental Innovators Program

  • Description
  • Studying Climate Change in Japan, Acting as Environmental Innovators for Asia and Africa

    The Environmental Innovators program is a graduate school devoted to research on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    Bookwork is balanced by fieldwork in a project-based curriculum that includes access to study in several fields, including:

    • Environmental Design ( Architecture and Urban Planning )
    • Environmental Business
    • Environmental Planning and Policy
    • Social Entrepreneurship

    An essential part of the program is multi-disciplinary co-operation. This comes directly from our awareness that the problems surrounding climate change are too large to take on by focusing only on a single field of study. The program is organised to give students access to experts and information from related fields as they pursue their own research objectives.

    The program is also built around the concept that true environmental innovation cannot be achieved without building up practical experience in the field. Students are therefore required to undertake internships and fieldwork as well as more typical academic studies.

    The program is offered in both English and Japanese.



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