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  • The Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, established in 1979, performs academic, social, cultural, and artistic research based on the Risale-i Nur. As it puts forth the faith-based service initiated by Bediüzzaman on the world’s agenda, its mission included explaining how the Qur’an is similar to a sun which can neither be deflated nor deflate the earthly and ethereal happiness of mankind.


    The Foundation overall objective is in line with Bediüzzaman’s goal to eliminate the three enemies of Muslim World - ignorance, necessity and controversy “by means of art, dexterousness and confederacy weapons.’’ These words, uttered more than a hundred years ago, have provided Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture with vision and direction for growth.

    In providing and spreading information on the Risale-i Nur globally, the Foundation’s numerous initiatives range from organizing symposiums based on the Risale-i Nur to publishing articles, reports, dissertations, and books. Many of these works including a large section of the Risale-i Nur have been translated in different world languages such as Chinese, Serbian, Indonesian, Persian, Urdu, German, Russian, Spanish, and French.

    Since its inception, the Foundation has sought to financially support talented local and international youth interested in the Risale-i Nur research. International academicians presenting in Risale-i Nur conferences as well as local scholars pursuing similar research work internationally have similarly been provided subsidies.

    Conferences and Symposias

    The ongoing symposiums organized by the Foundation reflect its international commitment to achieving its goals. It has organized numerous symposiums, bringing in global experts from diverse disciplines, nations and languages, as well as religions. Since the Foundation’s inaugural international symposium in 1991, many more symposiums have followed - 9 in Turkey, 16 in Indonesia, and 13 in Morocco. To date, more than 70 international symposiums have successfully taken place in more than 40 countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and India.

    The Foundation recognizing the importance of young academics, have had organized annual Young Academicians Conferences, where Masters and PhD students on Bediüzzaman and the Risale-i Nur come together to discuss their research and exchange views. These young scholar participants have researched on ways to blend both religious and positive sciences, combining madrasah and secular education.

    Said Nursi’s eventful biography (1876-1960), from the Risale-i Nur and other writings, has now been made into an exhibition. The exhibition, which consisted of Barla Years, Kastamonu Years and Emirdağ Years, were presented in both English and Turkish to cater to both local and international visitors.

    The Foundation also holds a small yet important thematic library, an archive of original Risale-i Nur manuscripts, as well as a guesthouse for local and international scholars of the Risale-i Nur. Discussion groups are regular occurrences at the Foundation, organized in Turkish, English and Arabic. They draw interested individuals from other study groups on the Risale-i Nur from different parts of the world.

    One of the most important achievements of Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture is integrating the Risale-i Nur’s messages through the internet, establishing an online library for scholars. Bediüzzaman, in his 28th letter, had mentioned efforts on making the whole world heard with wireless handset devices. These websites constitute such efforts, serving an international audience in different language mediums such as Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, and Indonesian.

    En-Nur Journal

    In 2010, the Foundation started an Arabic-refereed journal named En-Nur. Encouraged by the reception of this first journal, the Foundation is presently preparing a Turkish journal that will follow the same quality standards.

    Success of the Foundation can only be realised with sincere efforts and benevolence of those who believed that ‘’to protect the community’s faith, not only one Said but also a thousand Said can sacrifice their lives.’’ Some of them have given their time; some of them have sent prayers as gifts; while some have donated what comes from their heart. The Foundation of Istanbul of Science and Culture have turned these gifts into services which have blossomed Bediüzzaman’s heart into a rose garden.

    We hope to build a BETTER WORLD through constant research alongside other efforts. If we strive to play our part hand in hand to make things better, we hope to expect from God to take a pity and shower his compassion on us. GOD BLESS YOU...


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