International Society on Leadership in Pedagogies and Learning (islPAL)

  • Description
  • Vision

    ISLPAL is a dynamic community of proactive learners who:

    • care about learners and the quality of learning
    • care about teachers and the quality of teaching
    • engage with learners worldwide
    • Model high quality pedagogies and practices for sustainable living, lifelong learning and individual and community well being.
    • Research to build knowledge and understanding of pedagogy to improve practices and build the capacity of learners, teachers and educational organisations.


    ISLPAL values learning and the vital role of pedagogies in influencing:

    • the development of human potential and endeavour,
    • the growth of the individual as a healthy and effective participant and contributor to a learning community,
    • an appreciation of the contribution diverse populations make to society,
    • the development of a socially just and sustainable society.


    Teachers and Learners:

    • Everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher.
    • As individuals grow, they accept responsibility for their own learning.
    • Positive attitudes to learning create empowered learners, powerful learning environments and learning communities.
    • Teachers influence the quality of student learning.

    High Quality Pedagogies and Practices

    • High quality pedagogies empower students to take control of their own learning.
    • Choices of high quality pedagogies and practices impact on students' ability to:
      achieve personal well being, understanding and skills to effectively shape, participate, and contribute positively to a socially just society.
    • The choices of high quality pedagogies and practices impact on students' awareness of:
      sustainable life practices necessary for engaging with the world in a sustainable way, and the importance of lifelong learning and development.
    • The choices of high quality pedagogies and practices impact on students' growth in:
      • an understanding of self, family and community,
      • an understanding of the role of language and action in a socially just society,
      • an understanding of culture and the value of diversity in society, and
      • an understanding of the need to uptake ethical, moral, legal and socially just practices.


    How Can I Help The Society?

    There are a number of important ways you can help islPAL develop:

    • check out the upcoming conference
    • become a registered user
    • post a comment on the forum or start a new thread (you need to register first)
    • add a comment at the end of an article. Most articles have this option. Anyone can comment.
    • send us your comments to (we'd like to publish them :)
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    • propose a session for the Sept 2010 Conference in Brisbane
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