International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN)

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  • In 1972 eleven neurosurgeons assembled in Chicago a year after attending a meeting in Paris where it was decided that a society of pediatric neurosurgeons working throughout the world should exist. In Chicago the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN) was founded and its first meeting to be held in Tokyo one year later was scheduled. The energy for this stemmed from a shared belief that there was much to be learned about the craft of caring for children with neurosurgical illnesses and that by meeting to share knowledge gained a more a rapid evolution of our specialty would occur. This type of communication has always been at the core of the ISPN’s activities and in 2000 our then president Hal Rekate led us in putting this mission on paper:

    “The International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN) seeks to promote the health of children throughout the world by encouraging the ethical transmission and exchange of neuroscientific information and techniques related to Pediatric Neurosurgery.“

    The mission of the ISPN is the promotion of health in our young patients. To support this we give our time, energy and money to support educational activities. Every year we host a scientific meeting somewhere in the world with 300 to 400 physicians and allied health care workers attending. This is an opportunity for us to share with each other advances in the care of children and to plan ISPN sponsored activities that will further the education of care givers for children with neurosurgical illnesses.

    Our society provides faculty and financial support every year for courses in emerging countries needing education in the treatment of children. The intent of these courses is to provide an overview of the state-​of-​art in pediatric neurosurgery and thereby inform physicians attending these courses about modern day management of neurosurgical illnesses in children and the expected outcome. Our members supply manuscripts for our professional journal, Child’s Nervous System. We are passionate to further our specialty and the energy for this comes from our love of children and our desire to serve them well.

    International Fellowships

    A major part of the the ISPN mission is to improve the global health of children through education and to his end we invest heavily in teaching courses.

    We constantly meet many young and enthusiastic neurosurgeons from around the world who are hungry for experience in paediatric neurosurgery but are unsure how to access the training they require.

    In order to meet this need we have decided to produce a repository of information concerning paediatric neurosurgery fellowships around the world. This information has been provided by the fellowship co-​ordinators themselves and as such has not been ratified by the ISPN. We hope that this information will facilitate access to training for neurosurgeons from many countries and therefore contribute to improving healthcare for children with neurosurgical problems worldwide.

    In order to compile this information, a survey of members of the ISPN, ESPN and BPNG was performed.

    Clearly this information is only of use if it remains correct and up to date. We would therefore ask your help to keep us informed of any changes.

    Please contact the Communication Chairman if you would like your institution’s fellowship to be added to this list, or if you would like to alter your entry.

    Society journal

    Child’s Nervous System (CNS)

    Editor: Prof. Concezio Di Rocco

    The Impact Factor for Child’s Nervous System (CNS) ranks it in third place in Neurosurgical Journals after the “big brothers” of Neurosurgery and Journal of Neurosurgery. This ranking should make pediatric neurosurgeons proud, as we represent a relatively small group in the significantly larger general neurosurgical community. Even more important is that such a position has been gained without compromising the journal’s mission, namely to represent all pediatric neurosurgeons in the world, from those operating in a technologically rich environment to those working in developing countries and thus to constitute a truly international forum for scientific discussion and debate.

    CNS encourages authors to submit in various formats which range from original papers, short communications, case-​based updates to the traditional technical notes and case reports, providing all the authors with the most effective way to convey their message and share their experience. The Annual Issue which has been introduced in recent years has become an excellent medium for education aimed at offering an up to the minute update on a specific topic within pediatric neurosurgery.

    Besides the transmission of the scientific knowledge, the journal serves its mission by reporting the abstracts of the most important congresses in pediatric neurosurgery and allied subspecialties, so providing a panorama of current progress within our specialty. The Raimondi Award is awarded to a selected paper published in CNS and written by a young surgeon in training and is considered an important contribution and a stimulus for the most able and ambitious of our young colleagues. Finally, the presentation of each edition of the journal is enhanced by a pictorial representation of an historical or contemporary aspect of pediatric neurosurgery upon the cover with an accompanying editorial which never fails to inform!


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