International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM)

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    The editors of various international journals have created an International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM) to be of enormous interest and importance as a forum through which they can foster current and future relations between the journals and plan strategies for improving scientific content. INBAM has been founded thanks to the encouragement and support provided by these members.

    INBAM is a non-profit association supported by its founding members and institutions: the University of Valencia, the Universitat Politécnica of Valencia, the Catholic University of Valencia and the Valencian Chamber of Commerce. INBAM welcomes private and public sector support for the creation of new knowledge consistent with the mandate of each of the INBAM journals.

    The ultimate goal of INBAM is to increase the dissemination of international research based knowledge to improve management and business practices worldwide.

    From this perspective, our objectives are to:

    1. Combine and coordinate efforts to foster the publication of studies that will contribute to business and management sciences and practice.

    2. Strengthen a support policy for the Network from the perspective of the various editorial policies of its members.

    3. Enable the exchange of services and collaborative activities such as seminars, conferences, workshops, research and knowledge transfer.

    4. Create a synergy between the members of the Network to develop activities that support the generation of quality research.

    1. Contribute to the general diffusion of knowledge, with particular emphasis on potential value to society generally, and to business and management in particular.

    2. Support research streams in line with the editorial interests of the publications associated with the Network.

    3. Share information and results on experiences that evolve from the different activities of the Network.

    4. Incorporate new members into the Network, both academics and non-academics, who share the philosophy and support the standards of the Network.

    Participating Journals

    • Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, editor-in-chief Malcolm Rimmer
    • Business Horizons, editor-in-chief Marc Dollinger (General Management)
    • Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, editor-in-chief Vishwanath V. Baba
    • Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, editor-in-chief Bruce Tracey
    • European Journal of International Management, editor-in-chief Vlad Vaiman
    • INNOVAR, editor-in-chief Edison Jair Duque Oliva
    • International Journal of Manpower, editor-in-chief Adrian Ziderman
    • International Journal of Project Management, editor-in-chief Rodney Turner
    • International Small Business Journal, editor-in-chief Robert Blackburn
    • Journal of Business and Psychology, editor-in-chief Steven G. Rogelberg
    • Journal of Managerial Psychology, editor-in-chief Dianna Stone
    • Journal of Organizational Change Management, editor-in-chief Slawomir Magala
    • Journal of Technology Transfer, editors-in-chief Simon Mosey and Donald Siegel
    • Management Decision, editor-in-chief Domingo Ribeiro
    • Service Business. An International Journal, editors-in-chief Sang M. Lee and José Millet
    • Service Industries Journal, editor-in-chief Eileen Bridges
    • Small Business Economics, editor-in-chief David Audretsch



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