International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE)

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  • The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) was founded in Paris, France, in 1958. The Council was originally founded under the name "International Council of Sport and Physical Education" and the name was changed to include "Sport Science" in 1982. The founders recognised a widening gap between the fields of sport, sport science and physical education and sought to reinforce the link between these areas and develop a more inclusive perspective. Today the Council presents itself as an international organisation with a distinct scientific profile as far as its goals, structure, membership and working bodies are concerned.

    The main purpose of the Council is to serve as an international "umbrella" organisation concerned with the promotion and dissemination of results and findings in the field of sport science and their practical application in cultural and educational contexts.

    Its aims are to contribute to the awareness of human values inherent in sport and physical activity, to improve health and physical well-being, and to develop physical activity, physical education and sport in all countries to a high level.

    In these ways it helps to defend and develop the concept of fair play, the formation of the sporting ethic and to promote peace and understanding between people.

    As an international organisation, it endeavours to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries, and to promote co-operation between scientists and organisations from countries around the world.

    ICSSPE´s fundamental objectives are:

    • To encourage international co-operation in the field of sport science
    • To promote, stimulate and co-ordinate scientific research in the field of physical activity, physical education and sport throughout the world and to support the application of its results in various practical areas of sport
    • To make scientific knowledge of sport and practical experiences available to all interested national and international organisations and institutions, especially to those in developing countries
    • To facilitate differentiation in sport science whilst promoting the integration of the various branches
    • To support and implement initiatives with aims similar to those pursued by itself and initiated or developed by any other appropriate agency or organisation in the field.

    Scientific Areas of Work

    ICSSPE conducts its work in the following three areas. Each area is co-ordinated by a Vice-President:

    Sport Science

    The development of scientific branches of sport science and their co-operation and integration as well as the promotion of innovative and multi-disciplinary research and scientific excellence.

    Physical Activity, Physical Education and Sport

    The promotion of educational goals and the practical application and use of scientific results in various fields of physical activity, physical education and sport as well as the promotion of the benefits of active living for all human beings.

    Scientific Services

    The promotion and development of information, documentation, publications and communication in the field of physical activity, physical education and sport science as a service to members and external partners of the Council as well as the development of scientific co-operation and exchange.

    At the 19th General Assembly 2000 in Brisbane, the Council adopted its official Working Programme which reflects the orientations of its activities and priorities.


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