Intellectbase International Consortium (IIC)

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    Intellectbase International Consortium (IIC) is responsible for publishing innovative refereed research on various related themes. The scope of our mission within an intellectual framework includes: data collection & analysis, data evaluation & merging, research design & development, hypothesis based creativity, reliable interpretation of data and finally dissemination of knowledge. IIC's scope is related to teaching & learning, organizational practices, administrative & managerial issues, governmental policies, service engineering, health management and much more. To accomplish this mission, Intellectbase International publishes a range of Refereed Academic Journals, Book Chapters and Conference Proceedings, as well as sponsoring several annual academic conferences globally.


    • To promote the collaboration of a diverse group of intellectuals and professionals worldwide.
    • To bring together researchers, practitioners, academicians, and policy makers across diversified research disciplines globally - Australia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia.
    • To support Governmental, Organizational and Professional research that will enhance the overall knowledge, innovation and creativity.
    • To build and stimulate intellectual interrelationships among individuals and enterprises with an interest in the research discipline.
    • To present resources and incentives to existing and new-coming scholars who are or planning to become effective researchers or experts in global research work.
    • To promote and publish professional and scholarly journals, periodicals, book chapters and other forms of refereed publications in diversified research disciplines.
    • To plan, organize, promote, and present educational prospects - conferences, workshops, colloquiums, conventions — for global researchers.
    • An International Scholarly Consortium (ISC) committed to broadening expertise in the academic setting.


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