Institute for International Economic Relations (IIER)

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  • The Institute of International Economic Relations was established in February 1993 by the Greek Association of S.A. & Ltd companies.

    Main Objectives

    The Institute's main objectives are:

    • To conduct research on the most significant contemporary issues in international economy paying special attention to the international economic relations of Greece.
    • To provoke and enrich the public debate in business, academic and political circles.
    • To put its expertise and consulting capability at the service of private and national institutions that determine the foreign economic affairs of Greece.

    The means by which the objectives of the Institute are pursued are:

    • Scientific studies and research projects undertaken directly by the Institute.
    • Publication of research findings (books - monographs - journals - occasional and discussion papers).
    • Holding international and national conferences, seminars, symposiums, lectures and public debates.
    • Co-operation with governmental agencies as well as with public and private bodies for the exchange of information and the study of specific subjects.
    • Development of close co-operation with Universities, Institutes and Research Centres.
    • Conducting of training and educational programmes.
    • Provision of facilities for visiting Fellows.
    • Development and maintenance of a Research Library and a Documentation Centre.

    Research Interest

    The research programmes of IIER focus mainly on the following areas:

    • Problems and prospects of the international economy.
    • Globalisation and Regionalisation process.
    • Analysis of the Greek economic diplomacy and foreign economic relations.
    • Promotion of Greek exports and investment abroad.
    • Study of economic relations and prospects of Greece’s cooperation with South Eastern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, African and Asian countries.


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