Institute for Environment Research and Development (IERD)

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  • The Institute for Environment Research and Development (IERD), located in Otta, Nigeria is an international research institute working in the area of sustainable environment and development. We work globally through a wide range of research on problems relating to environmental concerns and to developmental needs generally. It is our desire to facilitate a culture of communication and dialogue on innovative research and dissemination of results while we advocate for the prevention of harm to human and ecosystem and through application of precautionary measures. The aim is to promote more informed and affirming public awareness and participation in environmental issues and to contribute to positive changes in relevant policies and programmes, by creating mechanisms for learning and advocacy at local, regional and global levels.

    IERD acts as a catalyst, broker and facilitator and helps to provide equitable access to justice to those that are unable to afford representation for their environmental problems. Environmental sustainability is a core concern but not at the expense of people’s livelihoods. Activities under the Institute focus on the African continent with particular focus in Nigeria.

    Our Vision

    We envision that we will provide expertise in achieving sustainable environment and development at local, national, and global levels.

    Our Mission

    Our mission in IERD is to provide expertise and leadership in researching and achieving sustainable development at local, national, regional and global levels. In alliance with others, we want to change a future that ends global poverty as a result of a degraded environment and ensures fair and sound management of the world’s resources through meaningful development.


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