IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS)

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  • The IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS) originated in 1949 as the Professional Group on Nuclear Science within the IRE. At about the same time, the AIEE formed two committees, one on nucleonics, the other on nucleonic and radiation instruments. In 1963, the IRE and AIEE merged to form the IEEE. This resulted in the creation of the Nuclear Science Group. In 1972, Plasma Science was added and the group was promoted to a society. The NPSS is composed of eight technical committees, and a Transnational Committee, with a common interest in advancing nuclear and plasma sciences.

    IEEE is...

    • The most prolific technical publisher worldwide.
    • The largest technical/scientific professional organization.
    • International with activities in all regions of the world and offices in Asia and Europe.
    • Organizes the most number of technical meetings and has the highest aggregate attendance.
    • The professional organization with the broadest technical scope with 38 Technical Societies.

    NPSS is...

    • The IEEE Technical Society that covers the fields of Fusion Technology, Nuclear Medical and Imaging Sciences, Particle Accelerator Science and Technology, Pulsed Power Systems, Radiation Effects, Radiation Instrumentation, Plasma Sciences and Applications, Standards for Nuclear Instruments and Detectors, and Computer Applications in Nuclear and Plasma Sciences.
    • Organizes and supports many symposia, conferences and workshops each year.
    • Publishes three Transactions (one in collaboration with three other societies).
    • Publishes a Newsletter that reaches all members three times a year.
    • Presents awards each year to recognize major contributors to the field.
    • Access to publications through IEEE Xplore™ on-line.
    • Save on conference registration.
    • Keep in touch via the NPSS Newsletter (worth more than the dues by itself!).
    • Support the growth of the profession.
    • Get involved in the affairs of NPSS and help direct and further promote our profession and make further valuable contacts.

    NPSS Fields of Interest

    The fields of interest of the Society are the nuclear and plasma sciences. The Society shall devote itself to publication or other dissemination of original contributions to the theory, experiments, educational methods and applications of these fields, and to the development of standards. Areas of technical activity shall include but not be limited to the following:

    • Nuclear science and engineering
    • plasma science and engineering, including computer applications in plasma and nuclear science
    • nuclear medical and imaging sciences
    • particle accelerator science and technology
    • pulsed power science and technology
    • radiation effects
    • radiation instrumentation

    These fields of interest include instrumentation for research

    • detection and measurement of radiation
    • nuclear biomedical applications
    • radiation monitoring and safety equipment
    • particle accelerators
    • magnetofluid dynamics and thermionics
    • plasma dynamics
    • gaseous electronics and arc technology
    • controlled thermonuclear fusion
    • electron, ion, and plasma sources
    • space plasmas
    • high-current relativistic electron beams and accelerators
    • laser-plasma interactions
    • diagnostics
    • plasma chemistry and colloidal and solid state plasmas, z pinch drivers, nuclear instrumentation development for reactor systems
    • effects of radiation on materials, components, and systems
    • applications of radiation and nuclear energy to other than utility power generation


    NPSS Awards

    These four NPSS awards can be given to applicants who are in any of the technical fields of the NPSS. The deadline for receiving nominations for any of these Awards is January 31 of each year. All nomination forms and supporting materials must be received by this deadline to be considered.

    The NPSS Awards should be submitted electronically submit an Award Nomination.

    IEEE Awards

    These are high level Awards that are administered by IEEE and open to all IEEE members. While there are many IEEE-level Awards, there are a few that are particularly relevant to the technical fields of most NPSS members. Their nomination deadlines, forms, and submission instructions depend on the Award. Links to information on these Awards are given below.

    Further Awards may be found on the NPSS Award page.


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