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  • The Accounting & Management unit at Harvard Business School strives to be the worldwide leader in research, course development, and teaching on top managements' use of performance measurement systems to:

    • Communicate with external investors to ensure that their firms' securities are fairly priced and that they are able to access capital,
    • Measure and evaluate their firms' economic performance,
    • Improve resource allocation and strategy implementation within their firms, and
    • Build accountability for performance through effective external and internal governance.

    Unit research, course development, and teaching fall into two broad areas: Financial Reporting and Analysis and Management Accounting. Our research helps scholars and educators understand current best practices for the design and use of performance measurement systems that help managers to build more effective, value-creating organizations. Our teaching materials enable us to bring the results of this research into the classroom, and to practice.

    This list is of Harvard Business School faculty who are members of the Accounting and Management unit and not a complete list of faculty doing research in this area. Please see a full list of topical areas that are the focus of research at the School.


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