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  • Created in 1996, Geoscientists Canada formerly known as the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists (CCPG) is a national consortia whose members are the self-governing professional associations or constituent associations that regulate the profession of geoscience in each of the jurisdictions in Canada.

    Geoscientists Canada is federally incorporated as a not-for-profit company under Part II of The Canada Business Corporations Act.

    The objectives of Geoscientists Canada as set out in its letter patent are:

    1. to safeguard and promote the present and future interests of the geoscience professions in Canada;

    2. to establish and maintain liaison among the provincial and territorial associations and corporations of professional geoscientists in Canada and to assist them in:

      • coordinating, correlating and standardizing their activities, particularly in the areas of registration of geoscientists, mobility of registered practitioners and inter-provincial practice;
      • promoting and maintaining high standards in the geoscience professions;
      • developing effective human resources policies and promoting the professional, social and economic welfare of the members of the geoscience professions;
      • promoting a knowledge and appreciation of geoscience and of the geoscience professions, and enhancing the usefulness of the professions to the public;
      • promoting the advancement of geoscience and related education;
      • generally carrying out their various objectives and functions;
    3. to act on behalf of and to present the views of its constituent associations and organizations in matters that are national or international in scope, including international registration or certification of geoscientists, and reciprocal practice;

    4. to act in respect of other matters of Canada-wide or international nature concerning the geoscience professions either alone or together with other bodies;

    5. to acquire, print, publish, conduct, buy, sell, distribute, circulate, manufacture and import, in physical or electronic media, journals, periodicals, reviews, pamphlets, magazines, books, advertisements, maps, charts, engravings, posters, labels, plates, cards, calendars, pictures and illustrations, whether coloured or otherwise, pertaining to the geoscience professions or the aforementioned objectives;

    6. to apply for, obtain, register, purchase, lease, license or otherwise acquire, hold, use, own, introduce and sell, assign, lease, license or otherwise dispose of any copyright or copyrights in any literary or other work pertaining to the geoscience professions or to the aforementioned objectives and capable of being copyrighted;

    7. to prepare, acquire or purchase and to distribute or dispose of any literary, scientific or professional work, translation or composition pertaining to the geoscience professions or the members of the Corporation;

    8. to affiliate with, join or enter into arrangements or agreements to carry on any undertaking with any society, association or other body having objectives similar or comparable to those of the Corporation.


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