Georgia State University (GSU)

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  • Here you will find infor­ma­tion on the Uni­ver­sity Sys­tem of Geor­gia and other inter­nal and exter­nal gov­ern­ing bod­ies, as well as links to the Strate­gic and Action Plans for the University.

    Gov­er­nance Bodies

    Geor­gia State Uni­ver­sity is part of The Uni­ver­sity Sys­tem of Geor­gia, which began oper­a­tion in 1932, and is among the old­est uni­fied statewide sys­tems of pub­lic higher edu­ca­tion in the United States and includes all state-​operated uni­ver­si­ties, four-​year col­leges and two-​year col­leges in Georgia.

    Board of Regents

    The Board of Regents is the sin­gle gov­ern­ing and man­age­ment author­ity for pub­lic higher edu­ca­tion in Geor­gia. Today the Board of Regents is com­posed of 18 mem­bers, five of whom are appointed from the state-​at-​large, and one from each of the 13 con­gres­sional districts.

    Staff Council

    The Staff Coun­cil acts as an advi­sory body to the Pres­i­dent and acts on behalf of the staff of the Uni­ver­sity where there is a need for a uni­form pol­icy through­out the University.

    Uni­ver­sity Statutes

    The Uni­ver­sity Statutes pro­vide for the inter­nal gov­er­nance of Geor­gia State University.

    Stu­dent Gov­ern­ment Association

    The SGA iden­ti­fies and inves­ti­gates uni­ver­sity wide issues spe­cific to aca­d­e­mic affairs, stu­dent ser­vices, stu­dent life, bud­get and finance, and pub­lic rela­tions and drafts and pro­poses related leg­is­la­tion to the Uni­ver­sity Sen­ate.

    Uni­ver­sity Senate

    The Uni­ver­sity Sen­ate exer­cises leg­isla­tive func­tions deal­ing with the gen­eral edu­ca­tional pol­icy of the Uni­ver­sity, the dis­ci­pline of stu­dents, and all other stu­dent activ­i­ties and affairs, includ­ing all mat­ters where the Pres­i­dent deter­mines there is a need for uni­form pol­icy through­out the Uni­ver­sity. A leg­isla­tive action of the Uni­ver­sity Sen­ate is sub­ject to veto by the Uni­ver­sity fac­ulty and/​or by the Pres­i­dent. View the Uni­ver­sity Strate­gic Plan as approved by the Uni­ver­sity Senate.

    Strate­gic and Action Plans

    Every five years, Geor­gia State Uni­ver­sity devel­ops a new Strate­gic Plan. A focus on qual­ity is imper­a­tive. This focus should lead to assist­ing the state and the nation through qual­ity grad­u­ates, eco­nomic devel­op­ment, and serv­ing the pub­lic inter­est. The Uni­ver­sity will achieve its goals through the con­tin­ual pur­suit of excel­lence in its instruc­tional and strate­gic research programs.

    An annual Action Plan derives from the cur­rent five-​year Strate­gic Plan and delin­eates the strate­gies to be exe­cuted in a given year to achieve the longer term goals of the five-​year plan. An annual Action Plan also pro­vides com­men­tary on the progress made dur­ing the pre­vi­ous year in improv­ing qual­ity aspects of the university.


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